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Backflow Testing

A backflow assembly prevents the reversal of flow due to backpressure and backsiphonage. Backflow assemblies are required to be tested after being installed, after repairs and annually.

A sprinkler system is subsurface and can draw in pollutants/contaminates such as fertilizers and animal wastes through the sprinkler heads. Without a backflow preventer and during a backpressure or backsiphonage situation these pollutants/contaminants could be drawn back into the drinking water.

Backflow assemblies just like anything else can fail over time. This is one of the reasons for the annual testing by a certified Backflow Assembly Tester. We have two certified Backflow Assembly Testers.


  • $65.00 for each test (Additional charge for backflow assemblies in crawl space and some areas may be higher cost).
  • $85.00 for each Indoor Residential and Commercial backflow test.
  • We send a copy of the test report to the water district or their designated company for compliance (A backflow test submittal fee could be added depending on water district filing requirements).
  • We send a copy of the test report to the property owner for their records.
  • Backflow Assembly repairs are charged at $75.00 per hour plus parts.
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