Sprinkler systems in the Northwest should be winterized prior to the weather getting too cold and freezing the water in the system. Sprinkler system winterizations normally start the first week of October and are finished by the first week of November.


  • Residential = $55.00 (Some areas and larger systems may cost more)
  • Commercial = Call for quote

    DC Sprinkler Service
    Figure 1 Company Air Compressor and Truck

    Figure 2  Here is a picture of a system midway through the winterization process.

    Figure 3 Here is the same system winterized.

    Many years of experience has taught us that a proper system winterization will prolong the life of the system and have less chance of freeze breaks. Too much air pressure can send a sprinkler head shooting into the sky like a bottle rocket. Too little air pressure will leave water in the system and do damage.

    Common components that usually suffer from freeze breaks are sprinkler heads, PVC pipe, valves and backflow devices.

    Figure 4 Broken Sprinkler Head

    Figure 5 Broken PVC Main Line

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